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5 Ways Recording is Like Having a Baby

So I'm about to begin a big adventure-  recording my fifth record!!!

And, I got thinking that recording an album is a lot like having a baby, at least in these five ways:
  • Emotions run high-…
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A CMA Saturday Night!

Amber Hayes and some of her newest fans!
"Hey you get down the fiddle and you get down the bow, Kick off your shoes and throw em on the floor,
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Screaming Backwards with Judy Rodman

If you're in Nashville, chances are you've heard of Judy Rodman. Not only is she a top vocal coach, she's a hit songwriter, in-demand vocal session producer and avid artist with her most recent band 6Play.

4 Ways Your Co-Write is Like a First Date

A Favorite Co-writing Friend: Wood Newton
Nashville is the ‘land of the co-write’ and the best comparison I’ve ever found to co-writing is dating. Here are four ways co-writing can feel like a first date:

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Songs Contain Spirit

I once read a book called "Anatomy of the Spirit" by Caroline Myss, and I've carried this idea from it ever since…

There was an Athabascan woman who described being a blanket maker or a songwriter in her…Read more


In 2002, I was on a flight from Georgia to Utah when suddenly at 30,000 feet I had a song idea. I knew I had to 'get it out' so I rifled through my purse, but I didn't have paper…Read more

Four “Ah- ha Moments” for Creators

Richfield High School students and me
  There's nothing like Christmas to bring out a little creativity! This week I gave a a class on creativity for local high school students and I shared these these tips…

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Just Squeeze, I'm a Sponge

Recently I was ranting (yes, I do that!) to a friend about some issues in my life. I was analyzing ad nauseam this situation about this guy and my wise friend asked something that was quite profound....

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My Faithful Yet Demanding Husband

I've been married since 1999- or maybe a little earlier than that. I can't really tell you when it started, ‘cause it's not really a 'traditional' sort of marriage.  But, it is a totally committed relationship.
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Getting to Berklee College of Music...

So, I don't mind admitting that I'm the type of person who saves 'stuff'. Call it sentimental, call it paranoia, call it a leftover gene from my Grandma Jenson who grew up in the Great Depression...but it's true.…Read more

Mansions and Photo shoots?

Sometimes as a songwriter there is stuff that I get to do that is just plain cool. This expereince falls into that category...


I had the opportunity to work with a stellar photographer (and fellow musician), Martin Palmer

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I made it into Billboard Magazine!

Thanks to a little luck and my attendance at the Country Music Summit last week, my picture (and songwriter title) was included in the June 18 issue of Billboard Magazine. I hope this isn't my only appearance in Billboard- but…

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