My Faithful Yet Demanding Husband

I've been married since 1999- or maybe a little earlier than that. I can't really tell you when it started, ‘cause it's not really a 'traditional' sort of marriage.  But, it is a totally committed relationship.

You see, to me, (hey that rhymed!) music is like a marriage relationship. It takes time every day, requires effort, needs attention and sometimes it needs a therapist and someone to tell it that it does NOT look fat in those pants.  And, at the same time it is nourishing, comforting and constant. And sometimes it surprises and delights me, too! :)  My life is much better with music than without it, and it's worth it to me (as I'm sure a marriage would be too if that ever happens to come my way).

I'm curious: if you had to describe your passion for *insert your passion here* in relationship terms, what would you say?