5 Ways Recording is Like Having a Baby

So I'm about to begin a big adventure-  recording my fifth record!!!

And, I got thinking that recording an album is a lot like having a baby, at least in these five ways:
  • Emotions run high- we're talking losing sleep because of excitement, creative spurts, irrational fears, etc.
  • You care about who is in the room with you- you gotta have a lot of trust in the people that are with you in the delivery room. Nuff said.
  • You can't plan everything- you never really know how it's gonna go in the studio until you get there, even though you try to plan everything. Sometimes songs just don't work out as easily as you'd hoped, despite the hours of preparation.
  • You really care about the offspring- okay, so maybe not as much as you would a kid, but you do care. You you want it to have all the right parts and be musically all there. You just don't want to have an ugly baby.
  • You care about  what happens next- You don't want your record to be laughed off the playground or have pimples. You want it to be great and have friends who like it. You want it to have a really bright future when it goes out into the world.
Any other ideas on how recording is like having a baby?