In 2002, I was on a flight from Georgia to Utah when suddenly at 30,000 feet I had a song idea. I knew I had to 'get it out' so I rifled through my purse, but I didn't have paper or a pen. Frantic, I checked the pocket in the seat in front of me and found an air sick bag. I asked the flight attendant for a pen. I started scribbling away at the lyrics and sang the melody in my head.

I finished the song, "Without You," that evening and it ended up on my second indie album. Just ask and I'll send you an mp3 of it (only if you promise not to giggle).

Things are a little different now, hopefully the songs are much better and at least I carry around a pen and paper. But, I've kept the air sick bag as a reminder to pay attention- 'cause you just never when a song will show up...