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Music City Orange Coconut Bark

Last October I gave up desserts. For those of you who know me this is a VERY big deal as my sweet tooth is legendary. But, there was one thing I just couldn't give up: CHOCOLATE.

After trying a bunch of sugar free chocolates that made my stomach sick, I discovered ChocZero on Amazon. Their chocolate tastes great and is sweetened with monk fruit and not all those weird ingrediants no one can pronounce. This makes my tastebuds and tummy happy! Since I love baking, this led to me creating my own homemade…

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The other side oftimesup

The Other Side of #TimesUp

Today women are marching and shouting it from the rooftops: Times Up.

First of all, I want to be clear that I fully support and cheer for women like Katie Arminger and the Song Suffragettes (who released a movement anthem yesterday you should see). It is time for a change in the music industry, and in the world for that matter.

On the other hand, I think about all the men who have been nothing but supportive, fair and encouraging in my music career. It's time for change, yes, but throwing the good…

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Gaelynn lea courage awards ceremony

Artist Booking Behind the Scenes with Craig Grossman


L to R: Craig, Green Room Artist Gaelynn Lea, and Alicia Lees, Green Room Publicist


During the 2017 CD Baby DIY Music Conference, one of the most informative sessions was with Craig Grossman, Founder/Agent of Green Room Music Source. Green Room is a management, booking and consulting company that partners with artists to advance their careers and reach their potential.

Craig shared a few 'behind the scenes' insights on booking in the interview below.

In what ways does touring help an artist grow

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Style Matters: Elevate Your Look

 Amanda Sears Putting Together Looks for a Photo Shoot


In 2014, I played my first ever CMA fest as an artist in Nashville on the same stages as artists like American Young and Nelson (yes, the band from the 90s). That was also the first time I've ever worked with a professional stylist, and I've been a believer ever since.

It was scary at first, I'll admit. But as my stylist Amanda pointed out to me - artist's need to 'elevate' their style. It's not just a 'normal' day when you're on stage or at a…

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3 Tips for Tour Packing When Traveling Abroad

Ah, touring abroad. There are so many things I love about traveling and playing music makes it just that much sweeter.

The first time I used a U.S. curling iron abroad and singed my hair off, I learned be a bit more travel savvy. Now that I've traveled over a few times, there are a three things I never leave home without.

International Adapter Kit

If you only pack one extra thing, make sure this is it. It will not only allow you to charge devices, but it will modify your curling iron from the U.S. to…

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