Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Musicians and Music Lovers

1- Everett Guitar- Expensive yes, but totally worth it. When you play an Everett, you're ‘in’ the sound it creates! If my endorsement isn’t enough, ask Brad Paisley.

2- The Nashville Musician’s Survival Guide- An essential guide to navigating Nashville as a musician written by pro musician Eric Normand (available in print and digital).

3- Mix Stix- wooden mixing spoons that just happen to double as drumsticks! Keep on rockin’ even in the kitchen.

4- Pick Punch- with this nifty gadget, you can turn old plastic cards into guitar picks!

5- Piano Coasters- This is what I call ‘artsy’ and I like them.

6- Support local Indie Artists- support the local artists and songwriters you love by purchasing and giving their music to the musician on your list. Chances are they’ll love it too!

7- Monkey Manual for Songwriters- a fun read with some good insight into the basics of songwriting; written by songwriters for songwriters!

8- Guitar Pick Jewelry- I always feel a little more rocker with my earrings and bracelet on…and there are a lot of sites out there that sell them.

9- Jazz Lover Pet Clothing- Okay, so you’d have to have a musician and a pet lover for this gift, but some of these doggy t-shirts are pretty priceless! (Can you imagine fido sporting a shirt that says ‘I love free jazz’?)

10- Donate to a Music Charity- we all know music can help and heal- and there are countless organizations out there that need help! Just Google…