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Style Matters: Elevate Your Look

 Amanda Sears Putting Together Looks for a Photo Shoot


In 2014, I played my first ever CMA fest as an artist in Nashville on the same stages as artists like American Young and Nelson (yes, the band…

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3 Tips for Tour Packing When Traveling Abroad

Ah, touring abroad. There are so many things I love about traveling and playing music makes it just that much sweeter.

The first time I used a U.S. curling iron abroad and singed my hair off, I learned…

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Dear Mary, I Heard You...

It's always refreshing to hear the truth about the music business from someone you admire as an artist. And Mary Gauthier is one of those rare artists who is as honest about her career as she is in her songwriting…

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Radio Promotion for Indie Artists: Be Uncommon

Radio and Audience Growth Farmer D. Grant Smith
Recently I had the opportunity to discuss radio promotions with D. Grant Smith. He's a radio host, promotions expert and he specializes in helping musicians and creative businesses build audience tribes he…Read more

AmericanaFest Round-Up for Artists

Berklee Americana Showcase at The Family Wash with my Band
Michael Boris, Me, Bill D, and Nick Arbuckle

Nashville is now officially in recovery mode from the 17th Annual AmericanaFest extravaganza. The event brings thousands of fans and artists to…Read more

Shantell Ogden Partners with Lime Tree Music PR

Luke Roberts and Shantell Ogden on site at Buckle and Boots Festival
Award-wining artist/songwriter Shantell Ogden signed an agreement today with Luke Roberts and Lime Tree Music PR to promote her upcoming release The Road That Drives Me to media…Read more

How To Prepare Your Music for Global Distribution

The CD or single is recorded and mixing has begun---and you're already starting to think about 'getting it out there'!

To help prepare you for the release, Ed Gertler, an independent music distributor, explains three important things to consider in…Read more

Music Licensing: A Resource Round-Up

Music licensing in general is a big topic, and below are a few articles to help you learn more about the common types of licenses out there. Remember you still need take responsibility for learning licensing personally and consult aRead more

How To Choose the Best Team to Record With

Me with Vocal Producer Judy Rodman

How exciting- you're getting ready to record new music!!!

Recording on any level means you need to make some decisions about where you'll record, how you'll record and who you'll record with. All these…Read more

Dreams are Free: Hustle is Sold Separately

Recently I was giggling with a good friend and fellow songwriter about what a typical day looks like as an indie artist. This particular day, in addition to my eight hour day job, I...
  • Reviewed and completed a music license…
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5 Resolutions Singer/Songwriters Can Stick To

A few years ago I saw a bumper sticker that said "Increased Happiness by Lowered Expectations."

In my opinion, this little gem of wisdom can be applied to so many areas of life--including our independent music careers. Now, I'm not…Read more

Should Music Be Free?

There is a question that we as artists and musicians have to face eventually: Should Music be Free?

Most people who are creators will say 'no' right off the bat, because we value our work and know that there…Read more

Backstage with Eddie Bayers: Part 2


A 40 year veteran in the music industry in Nashville, Eddie Bayers is Nashville royalty. Beyond playing in the Grand Ole Opry as the house drummer, Bayers has played on hundreds of hit records (300 Gold and…Read more

The Truth about 'Releasing a Single'

We see it everywhere in the music biz: [Insert Artist Name here] has a new single! But, what does that really mean?

Well, to break it down, there are SINGLES, Singles and singles...

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6 Tips for Media Success for Indie Artists

You have a new album. Now What?

It’s awesome! Your CDs have finally arrived, and you’re like a giddy teenager! All the months of work are finished…or are they?

Having an album ready to release is just the…Read more

Hard Work and Heart: Randall Foster


Meeting with Randall on Music Row

Surrounded by stacks of music in a busy Nashville office, Randall Foster is a music industry insider, creative mastermind and community builder.
For Foster, success has come one step at a time, and currently…Read more

Lyric Videos to the Rescue: Low Cost, Big Results

"Love Shouldn't Hurt" Lyric Video
If you don't have big money to make a big budget video (like me and most other indie artists), consider lyric videos to bring your song to life!

There are essentially a couple low-cost ways…Read more