How to Make a Budget for Your Indie Music Project

WOOOHOOO! Let's make a budget.

Ok, before you go running from the blog, let me say that budgets can be your friend. And believe me I've made friends with a lot of budgets in my time as an indie artist! There's nothing wrong with thinking about the costs of recording and releasing new music (notice I said releasing there too).

At the end of the day, not only do you want to make great music but you want to get it heard right? So then, it's good to think about the entire project---and all the costs from beginning to end.

There is a school of thought in the music industry that you should spend equal the amount of money (if not more money) on promotion than you do on the music itself. Labels do it all the time. Just something to think about there...

To make this budgeting process easier for you, I've created a handy dandy budget template for you to fill out and make your own. I even used colors to make it more friendly!

Download budget template here