Billy Dean Brings Nashville to My Hometown!

Billy Dean and Me
There’s nothing like the 4th of July in my hometown of Richfield, Utah. Everybody comes out for the parade and gathers at the park just off Main Street for food, music and games.

This year, thanks to Councilman Richard Barnett (picture below) and Richfield City, the park turned into Nashville when country singer/songwriter Billy Dean took the Freedom Stage. With just an acoustic guitar, Billy captivated the audience for nearly two hours with stellar songs and tales of touring and songwriting.

Billy on the Freedom Stage
One story he shared was that when he got his first check for his hit “Somewhere in My Broken Heart,” his astonished mother-in-law said she’d like something shiny that could go from 0-200 in six seconds for Christmas. Billy was grinning when he told us he gave her a bathroom scale that year. “Well, that’s what you get for messing with us creative types,” he said.

I was really hoping I could meet him after the show, since I’ve been a fan of his music for years. As luck would have it, not only did I get to meet him, I was invited to visit with him a few minutes one-on-one. We talked a bit about songs, Nashville and his ‘Writer’s Block’ community. What a treat!

Billy Greeting Fans After the Show
During his performance, Billy played some of his biggest hits (“I Miss Billy the Kid, ” “We Just Disagree” and “Only the Wind”), a couple of cover tunes and some smokin’ new songs from a compilation project due out this September. He also made a special point to thank and recognize the veterans and military families in the audience.

At the close of the show, Billy sang a familiar Mormon church hymn I grew up with: “I Am a Child of God” from the Friends and Brothers album. It was a great reminder to me that music is something you carry with you- from Nashville to Richfield and back again.

Thanks to Billy for the reminder and the inspiration!

Thanks to City Councilman Richard Barnett for bringing Nashville to Richfield!

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  • billy dean

    billy dean

    Hey , Great meeting you in Ritchfield, billy

    Hey , Great meeting you in Ritchfield,


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