Kevin Post and the Sound of Country Music!

I was in the studio one day with Dave Smith and we were talking about what other instruments the songs on my new album needed. I’ve always loved the sound of the pedal steel guitar, and we agreed that steel would really add to a couple of the songs.

Dave called his friend, Kevin Post, who currently plays in Blake Shelton’s band (he played for years for Terri Clark as well). He was coming off the road for a day, and we were lucky to have him squeeze us into his schedule.

Kevin is a truly gifted musician and has quite a personality to boot!

He played on “What Matters the Most,” a very traditional country song that I wrote with my friend Bill DiLuigi, and really put the “sound of country” in it. For “Stay,” a singer/songwriter ballad I wrote, and Kevin added what he called “hippie” steel. Loved that!

I couldn’t resist talking with this proud Texan about his musical roots, and catching some clips during the recording session…enjoy!