My First CA Tour!

LA Women in Music Coordinator Phoebe Carter, host Harriet Schock and me at the
LAWiM Show at M Bar in Hollywood.

Now that was a trip!!! Here’s a brief look at what “went down” in LA last week…


I played a private event for some OC singles- what a blast!


Co- wrote with Michael Jay, hit songwriter and producer in his valley studio.  We cooked up a sizzling a la Katy Perry hit to some killer dance tracks.  Hope to have it ready to share in a few weeks- stay tuned!

Monday night I played a show at the famous Kulak’s Woodshed- a downright groovy place in North Hollywood.  Quilts on the ceiling, lots of posters on the walls, live birds and a bed (for real) right in the center of the place for lounging.


I had the opportunity to interview Wendy Levy, a prominent LA music supervisor, for Berklee Blogs.  She had some amazing insights and I’m so excited for you to read all about her when it’s published!

Tuesday night I sat in-the-round with platinum-selling songwriter Kevin Fisher, Henry O’Neill and Stefani Scovolo at Molly Malone’s.  What a great round!  Thanks to Dean at Strongwriter, we’ll be able to share some video footage of the event down the road!


I met with the talented and fierce women at 5 Alarm Music- a top production music company in Pasadena; I will also be blogging about them for Berklee Blogs.  I was also able to take a tour of Firehouse Recording Studios- and it was impressive!

Wednesday night I had the opportunity to play at the LA Women in Music Showcase at M Bar in Hollywood.  Talk about swanky!  Red velvet walls anyone?


I took a trip out to Sherman Oaks to meet with Justine and Peter at the Berklee alumni offices.  We had a great visit about all things Berklee and the music biz in LA and Nashville.

Thursday night I took the stage at House of Blues in Hollywood- a great sounding room with wonderful people.


I had lunch with a friend at a German sausage place in Venice (in retrospect probably not the best digestive choice).  I then played the Nette Radio show hosted by Annette Conlon at The Talking Stick to benefit the Pepper Foundation.


A beachside co-write with the spunky and poetic Courtney Heins during the day was a treat!  And I got WAY sunburned- not as much of a treat. :)

Saturday night I met up with some friends from Boston at my last show at UnUrban Coffee in Santa Monica.  I recommend the chicken curry sandwich!

To see more of what happened during the tour, visit the photo album here.