Battling the Wind- Chasing the Sun

A couple of weeks ago, I went on an adventure!

Christal Anderson and I went to Scipio, Utah for a photo shoot (she is a very talented photographer specializing in natural light pics- check out her work here). Many of you know I grew up in a small town in rural Utah, and the theme for this shoot was ‘down home American roots.’

The sky was full of smoke because of the wildfires raging in Utah, and the wind was blowing on and off. We shot around an old gas pump, barn and fence. As I was changing clothes for the final location, we realized that the sun was already setting (whoops!). We jumped in the car and sped off in search of the ‘right light.’ Can I just say that jumping a fence and running across a field in a dress was quite the experience? And not one of my most graceful moments, either!

Between the wind, the setting sun and dodging semi-trucks speeding by on the freeway, I think Christal did a great job! Here are a few favorites…