By Donna DeSopo/Shantell Ogden


He’ll face a furry of bullets and a gang of outlaws
Stand and fight against the odds
With a single shot rifle ‘cause a shot is all he needs
To save the girl and keep the peace

I must have seen this movie a dozen times
I wish I had in color what I see in black and white

A man with courage
To saddle up
Take the reins
And get it done
A little bit of grit and some cowboy brawn
I’m holding on
Til my John Wayne comes along

Modern day romance is a Wild West scene
Speed dates, blind dates and eHarmony
I’m so over the men wearing travlin’ boots
Like tumbleweeds who can’t grow roots

I need a man who will stand the test of time
Gonna stick to my guns til the day I find


John may be gone
But the story’s stay same
What a woman wants
Really hasn’t changed