Roll the windows down and get ready to celebrate what makes this country great with this country anthem.


Great American Song

Do you ever take a back road, not carin where it goes, just because you can
Did you ever press rewind on the best days of your life
Knowin you’re a lucky man

Do you ever watch the sunrise
Over the mountains or the coastline

This is your life
This is my life
Work hard, play hard
One heart, fifty stars
It’s about us
So raise your hands up
Big city, small town
We’re all country proud
Sing along
To the Great American Song

When you were just a little kid, did you ever dream big, try on your daddy’s boots
And somewhere down the road, find dreams of your own,
Catchin up to you

Aren’t you glad you’re living free
You can be anything you want to be

It’s more than fireworks in the sky
The anthem playin the stars and stripes
It’s who we are, way down deep inside

Repeat chorus