New Single "Dream Chasers" is Now Available from Award-winning artist/songwriter Shantell Ogden


NASHVILLE, TN - May 2, 2023-  Nashville-based award-winning artist/songwriter Shantell Ogden released a new country/Americana single today, "Dream Chasers." It is available to stream and download on all platforms globally.

“This song celebrates everyone who tirelessly pursues their life passion, whatever that may be,” said Shantell. “Even though many people never become famous, they chase their dreams with everything they have to give, and that deserves to be recognized."

As the chorus explains:

Here's to the dream chasers, diggin' deep givin' all
No guarantee that you'll succeed but you aren't afraid to fall
Here's to the risk takers, chin up standing tall
The rule breakers, star gazers, game changers
Here's to the dream chasers
Dream Chasers

To shine a spotlight on big dreamers everywhere, Shantell is creating a special lyric video featuring photos of dream chasers with their dream. Email photos to  by May 18 to be included.

"Dream Chasers" was written by Shantell and longtime cowriter friend Corey Lee Barker. Both have been in Nashville pursuing their own dreams of writing songs for years - Shantell since 2005 and Corey since 1998.

“This song was definitely inspired by our own experiences, because we both know what chasing dreams is like in Nashville,” added Shantell. “Dream Chasers is a theme song for the people who don't give up.”

The world’s is full of critics who will tell you why you’re wrong
But nobody’s singin’ their song
Dream Chasers

“Dream Chasers” was produced / recorded by Dave Smith (who has worked with Toby Keith, Lee Greenwood and many more) in Nashville.

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