Everyone Loves Guitar: I feel really vulnerable sharing this story...

Recently I was interviewed by Craig Garber for his very popular podcast and show "Everyone Loves Guitar." One of Craig's gifts as a host is in creating a safe space and then asking his guests for answers to really real questions. It is definitely like his website says: 'NOT your typical musician interviews.'

The interview in full is 1 hour and 37 minutes long - about the length of a movie! While I'd never assume anyone would want to watch me talk for that long (except maybe my mom), I did want to share places you can zoom to in the interview with time stamps for some never-before-heard stories...

And, please take a moment to check out the Everyone Loves Guitar podcast, with close to 800 Interviews at his website.

4:10 - 6:43 - When was your big break?

12:21 -15:00 - Nashville's writing community and the heart of Nashville and why I moved to Nashville

15:43 - 16:15  - I reveal an unlikely early musical inspiration

21:15 - 24:30 - How I got started touring in the UK, and why I love going there

26:48 - 29:13 - Why I am a solo artist and not in a band - why I feel a responsibility to share songs I've written

38:55 - 41:00 - How I started in music supervision, and one thing I'm most proud of

43:23 - 47:43 - I share one of the lowest of the low points and how I got through it

53:33 - 54:40 - I talk about my lead guitar playing (not!) and my gratitude for Berklee and Jim Kelly and others

55:13 - 56:00 - Kent Everett shout out for my guitars

1:21 - 1:22 - Happiest childhood memory

1:29 - 1:31 - Toughest decision I've ever had to make