Jeff Gray: Exploiting Music Copyrights

Me and Jeff Gray

1- What do you think it takes to succeed in the music business today?

this question will always always cause me discomfort and my answer(s) will probably aggravate or confuse many people. To succeed in music or even any entertainment field is to have a product that you can advertise and market. That's all. The truth about succeeding (earning a living) in music business is that it has very little to do with artistic talent or merit. Both are subjective anyway so banking on using talent to make a living still requires marketing to those who agree.

There will always be extremely talented musical artists who will rise above and make a living and then there will always be mediocre to miserable talent who can make a living as well. I guess the best answer I can muster is that to succeed in the music business is to have the right ego to marketed "product" ration.

2- You've branded yourself as a go-to expert in several areas of music- is there one area you're more passionate about?

One thing is that I havent really branded myself as a go-to expert; I've embraced this definition of me which is a result of strangers contacting me because someone else i know recommend they do. I'm humble but very confident with my abilities. The area I'm most passionate about or exhibit passion is probably just performing music. Playing guitar with musicians I like / respect will always bring me the most excitement.

3- What's next for the one and only Jeff Gray?

I embrace the unknown and chaos so I'm not always sure what's next for me but I celebrate the discovery of it.

I'd like to see what happens with the rumored major changes and overhaul to happen to copyright law regarding music exploitation. If some of the changes do happen I suppose on the business side for me I've got a few ideas on how to still help people make money exploiting their copyrights with the new rules.

Either that or I come in to a lot of money and retire to a mountain state and play guitar all day long. :)