4 Ways Your Co-Write is Like a First Date

A Favorite Co-writing Friend: Wood Newton

Nashville is the ‘land of the co-write’ and the best comparison I’ve ever found to co-writing is dating. Here are four ways co-writing can feel like a first date:

1. No Chemistry- we’ve all been there. You may like your co-writer as a person and dig their songs but for some reason you just don’t gel. It’s nobody’s fault, you just don’t have that ‘it’ that makes it work.

2. Awkward Silences- sometimes you just don’t know what planet your co-writer is coming from, and you sit there in silence picking imaginary lint from your pants while watching the clock.

3. Strangeness- sometimes you’re in co-write with someone and things happen that leave you uncomfortable and/or disturbed. Call me if you want to hear about these experiences, but I don’t want to incriminate anyone here.

4. Pleasant Surprises- there are been people that I wasn’t sure about at first that ended up really being fun to write with. I’ve also had some great songs come out of first co-write sessions, and that’s a great payoff for collaborating with someone new, too!

Anything you’d like to share about co-writing?