It started with some Amish friendship bread...

On Saturday, July 30, I sat on my back porch and teared up.

Acklen Park was performing "Lost," a song that I co-wrote with Bill DiLuigi and Scott Jarman, for a close group of friends and family. It's a song that they are taking to radio as a single in August with the help of Grassroots Promotion.

It was an emotional moment for me because it's also my first single at country radio. I've been working towards this since I wrote my first song in 1997...and I couldn't be happier!

Bill, Scott and I wrote "Lost" in January 2010. I remember that session well because we ate about a whole loaf of Amish friendship bread that I'd baked. I'd written with Bill and Scottie separately, but this was our first session as a trio. After a couple of hours, we had most of it, and we finished it up about a week later. I think we knew it was special...

I met Dave that spring, co-founder and percussionist of Acklen Park, through my day job. He mentioned the band was looking for songs for their debut album...and well, the rest is history, as they say.

Marcum has a whisky-soaked, rich voice that melts through the lyrics...and Andrea's harmonies add the tenderness of a woman's touch. The musicianship of Dave, Rob, Casper and Kip add layer upon layer of musical goodness.

"We could stay here all night long, Lost..."

(Special thanks to Brad Hardisty for attending the celebration and for covering the story!)