Nashville’s Brian Kolb: On Songwriting, Producing, Engineering & Tequila 

Brian Kolb with his Original Pawnshop Guitar

Brian Kolb was 15 years old when he and his brother Dan started writing their first song together on a $200 pawnshop guitar. While a few years have rolled by, one thing hasn't changed; he’s still cranking out songs on that same old six string. 
“I love this guitar,” Kolb says. “The sound of this old ax has helped me create my voice as a writer.”
After a couple years of fumbling through bar chords and scratching out what he calls “the songs no one will ever hear”… Read more

Shantell Ogden Teams up with KEMC Global for Music Promotion 

Pete Kennedy and Shantell Ogden team up for Global Music Promotion

  Nashville-based artist and songwriter Shantell Ogden has signed an agreement with KEMC Global to promote her upcoming album, Ghosts in the Field.   “From the very first moment that I met with Shantell I was in awe of her talent and professionalism with all aspects of her artistry,” said Pete Kennedy, owner, KEMC Global. “It's an honor to have Shantell on our roster, we are all extremely excited at KEMC to have… Read more

Studio Outtakes: Grammy-Nominated Producer Dave Brainard on 12 Stories 


Dave Illustrating the Album Mosaic behind “Stripes”

Studio Outtakes: Grammy-Nominated Producer Dave Brainard on 12 Stories
Dave Brainard was nominated for a Grammy for producing the Brandy Clark album12 Stories. I recently caught up with Dave and was lucky enough to hear the behind-the-scenes scoop about recording two of the songs on the record, “Stripes” and “Hungover.”
“Brandy and management didn’t necessarily want to cut ‘Stripes’,” said Dave. “She loved the song but said that it didn’t really fit her… Read more

6 Tips for Media Success for Indie Artists 

You have a new album. Now What?

It’s awesome! Your CDs have finally arrived, and you’re like a giddy teenager! All the months of work are finished…or are they?

Having an album ready to release is just the beginning…and there are a lot of things you can do as an indie artist to help promote your new album. Below are 6 tips for Media Success to get buzz going about your latest and greatest record!
  1.   Plan ahead Ideally you will allow three to six months of pre-promotion for a new album to give you the most… Read more

Philosopher and Playmaker: Grammy-Nominated Producer Dave Brainard 

Dave with 12 Stories in his Nashville Studio

Part philosopher and part day-to-day playmaker, Dave has connected with some of the biggest talents in Nashville by ‘keeping his head down’ and ‘following his gut.’
Dave Brainard was just nominated for a Grammy for producing the Brandy Clark album12 Stories, a record he believed in so much that he actually sold some of his own gear to help fund.
But, the story of Dave’s passion for music doesn’t begin there.
Born into a military family, Dave began playing guitar… Read more

Hard Work and Heart: Randall Foster 


Meeting with Randall on Music Row

Surrounded by stacks of music in a busy Nashville office, Randall Foster is a music industry insider, creative mastermind and community builder.
For Foster, success has come one step at a time, and currently he sits at the top of Creative Licensing at ole, one of the most respected and recognized independent publishers in the world. In addition to his work at ole, Randall keeps up an impressive list of volunteerism through serving on various boards and committees in… Read more

Indie Artists Beware: 4 Ways to Avoid Getting Ripped Off 

I feel a burning need to blog about ways you can get ripped off as an indie artist.

Yes, it's an unsavory topic. And let's face it, no one wants to admit that they have been swindled. But, I would guess we have all made what I call 'bad business decisions' in our careers, from getting photos on railroad tracks (when our music had nothing to do with trains) to signing that 'too good to be true' contract that turned out to be, well, really bad.

In no particular order, here are four ways you can avoid getting… Read more

Best Americana Album of the Year!!! 

Excitement on the Red Carpet!

Talk about a pinch-me moment!

On October 4, 2014, I received an award for the Best Americana Album of the Year from the International Music and Entertainment Association for my 2013 release Better at Goodbye. The red carpet event and awards ceremony was held at the Paramount Theatre in Ashland Kentucky. The award winners were selected through a combined vote of industry professionals, IMEA members and fans.

I was truly honored and humbled to accept the award on behalf of my… Read more

Mississippi Music Revival: Marty Stuart and Paul Thorn 

Sometimes you walk away from a show with so much more than just a song in your head. And that was certainly the case for me after the Americana Fest show I watched at 3rd and Lindsley last night.

Let me first say that I’ve never had the opportunity to see Mississippi natives Marty Stuart and Paul Thorn live before, and I got a whole lot more than I bargained for!
Marty Stuart took the stage in true country gentleman form, dressed in black from head to toe, sporting his signature scarf, electric hair and… Read more