Joining the SESAC Family! 

Me with ET Brown at SESAC

Today I'm thrilled to announce that I have become a SESAC artist and songwriter! For those of you not in the music biz, SESAC is a performing rights organization that collects royalties for writers and publishers, and represents our interests with lawmakers as well. My new publishing company at SESAC will be called 'Homestead Hits' to honor my rural roots and the fact I'm setting up a new home at SESAC to write what I hope will be many hits! 

“We’re very happy to welcome Shantell… Read more

Backstage with Eddie Bayers: 'American Master' Musician- Part 1 

Eddie Bayers in his 'office' on the Grand Ole Opry

As a 16-year-old Eddie Bayers became an orphan, and it was then he started the long road to making a living as a musician.

It's been an interesting journey at times, but now he sits in one of the most exclusive seats in the musical world as the drummer in the house band at the Grand Ole Opry. Beyond that, he's busy doing session work around Nashville. In fact, Bayers has played on literally hundreds of hit records (300 Gold and Platinum) since moving to… Read more

2015 CMA Fest Instant Replay! 


Michael Boris, Bill DiLuigi, Manuel and me

CMA Music Fest 2015 was a total blur and a total blast!

A few of my favorite moments include:

- Performing at Manuel's Couture. You probably know him best as the American fashion designer behind dressing stars like Elvis, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, etc. We (Michael Boris and Bill DiLuigi) had a great time performing and he is such a sweet man, I just had to kiss him on the cheek! :)

- Interview with Boots the Podcast- Had a fun interview with John Thompson for a… Read more

Our First #1 Hit Song! 

In early May, Marcum Stewart, Bill DiLuigi and I celebrated our first #1 hit song- "Me Before You", recorded by Marcum on his Put It In Drive album. The song was the fastest rising tune in chart history on the European HotDisc Top 40 Chart.

We celebrated with a backyard BBQ in Nashville with family and a few close friends, and then Marcum treated us to an acoustic version of the song on the back porch. It was just the right way to mark an important milestone in our careers.

I'm incredibly grateful and blessed… Read more

Excited to be a Card-Carrying Member! 

Today I took an exciting step in my music career by joining the Country Music Association (CMA)!

Brenden Oliver from the membership department even took a moment to welcome me in person during a very busy time of year (they are getting ready for CMA Music Fest in June).

"At CMA, we love welcoming new members into our Country Music family!" said Brenden. "It’s great to meet a member face to face and hear what they’ve got going on in their world. We’re excited to have Shantell as one of our newest members!"

It's… Read more

New Review from Emily Saxton's The Blog of Country Music! 

Shantell Ogden
Beautiful seven-song collection from one of Nashville’s favourite and finest, independent singer-songwriters GHOSTS IN THE FIELD (2015) is the exquisite new fourth release from one of the industry’s finest award-winning Americana singer-songwriters Shantell Ogden—a musically-stunning, twenty-two minute-long collection of seven lyrically-rich, emotively-woven, tunefully-gentle numbers, which sees her once again team up with her talented long-time pal and… Read more

My Song Coming Out in a New Film! 

I'm really excited to announce that a song I co-wrote with Marcum Stewart and Dayna Shereck called "Whatdaya Say", performed by Miss Olivia Frances, will soon appear in the new Jerry Casagrande film "On The Wing"! The film stars the talented Shirley Jones and hunky Corbin Bernsen---whoot, whoot, for star power! :)

Thanks to Marcum we have a lyric video too! Check it out!

Tune Up for Tax Season: Tips & Organizer for Musicians 

Bryan Jones, CPA and Friend to Musicians

Once a year in Nashville I go see Bryan Jones, partner at CPA Consulting Group, to talk about taxes. It's much better than my annual visit to the dentist, not only because Bryan knows his stuff but also because we talk about music and generally how things have gone over the last year. And, because a lot of what we discuss about applies to all musicians, songwriters and artists, I asked Bryan for a few tips for you too! 

What should artists and musicians be thinkingRead more

The Possum Posse Rides Through Nashville 


Possum Posse Rocking the House

Austin-based musical sensation The Possum Posse stopped in Nashville, TN to play some shows, visit studios and tour the town on their way to Nashville, IN to play a fundraiser for the Morel Mushroom Festival (yes, that's a real thing). The band is best known for their epic YouTube video series Guy on a Buffalo, which has a whopping 15 million hits.

The band played an intimate house concert on Thursday night, winning the audience over with their slightly irreverent, quirky… Read more

The Truth about 'Releasing a Single' 

We see it everywhere in the music biz: [Insert Artist Name here] has a new single! But, what does that really mean?

Well, to break it down, there are SINGLES, Singles and singles...

The SINGLE- Major Label Release or the Times Square Billboard

When a major label artist releases a single, it's a big deal. It's a big deal because it means the label is investing tens of thousands of dollars (yes, that much) in advertising and promotion to get that single out there in the market. They literally have teams of… Read more