Hard Work and Heart: Randall Foster 


Meeting with Randall on Music Row

Surrounded by stacks of music in a busy Nashville office, Randall Foster is a music industry insider, creative mastermind and community builder.
For Foster, success has come one step at a time, and currently he sits at the top of Creative Licensing at ole, one of the most respected and recognized independent publishers in the world. In addition to his work at ole, Randall keeps up an impressive list of volunteerism through serving on various boards and committees in… Read more

Indie Artists Beware: 4 Ways to Avoid Getting Ripped Off 

I feel a burning need to blog about ways you can get ripped off as an indie artist.

Yes, it's an unsavory topic. And let's face it, no one wants to admit that they have been swindled. But, I would guess we have all made what I call 'bad business decisions' in our careers, from getting photos on railroad tracks (when our music had nothing to do with trains) to signing that 'too good to be true' contract that turned out to be, well, really bad.

In no particular order, here are four ways you can avoid getting… Read more

Best Americana Album of the Year!!! 

Excitement on the Red Carpet!

Talk about a pinch-me moment!

On October 4, 2014, I received an award for the Best Americana Album of the Year from the International Music and Entertainment Association for my 2013 release Better at Goodbye. The red carpet event and awards ceremony was held at the Paramount Theatre in Ashland Kentucky. The award winners were selected through a combined vote of industry professionals, IMEA members and fans.

I was truly honored and humbled to accept the award on behalf of my… Read more

Mississippi Music Revival: Marty Stuart and Paul Thorn 

Sometimes you walk away from a show with so much more than just a song in your head. And that was certainly the case for me after the Americana Fest show I watched at 3rd and Lindsley last night.

Let me first say that I’ve never had the opportunity to see Mississippi natives Marty Stuart and Paul Thorn live before, and I got a whole lot more than I bargained for!
Marty Stuart took the stage in true country gentleman form, dressed in black from head to toe, sporting his signature scarf, electric hair and… Read more

Positive Disruption: Team Building Through Music 


Billy Kirsch, hit songwriter and owner of Kidbilly Music

Positive Disruption: Team Building Through Music
In the late 1990’s hit songwriter Billy Kirsch saw a change coming in the music industry, spurred by digital downloads.
Kirsch, who always had an interest in the business side of music, determined he needed to find a new outlet for his musical gift instead of longing for the good old days.
“I’ve always been entrepreneurial and co-published my work, pitched my own songs and got a lot of my cuts,” said… Read more

Want your songs in film and TV? Get Started with 3 Easy Steps! 

Film and TV placements are a great way to find a home for your original music- but how do you get started??? Here are three easy steps to get started!

1- Get the Right Songs- I love country music and specific story lines (i.e. goodbye was painted on the wall). The problem, though, is that these types of tunes do not work for film because they compete with the pictures on the screen. You need to be thinking in terms of songs with general emotions that are not connected to specific images.

2- Have Your MusicRead more

Backstage with Nelson... 

Matt, Shantell and Gunner

When I was a pimply teenager on the farm in Utah, I had a big crush on a 'big hair' duo named Nelson. They broke onto the charts with mega hits in the early 90's like After the Rain and I Can't Live (Without Your Love and Affection). I used to watch their videos over and over on MTV and wait for them to come onto the radio so I could sing along.
Fast forward more than 20 years later…and by the stars aligning somehow I ended up playing on the same stage as Gunner and Matt… Read more

An Adventure of 'Fabulous Firsts': CMA Fest 2014 

On stage at the Samsung Galaxy Stage at CMA Fest!

CMA Fest 2014 is winding down, and I'm thinking about all the fabulous 'firsts' that came from this week! Here are just a few that come to mind...
  • Thanks to Lee Williams of CMR Nashville (who has been promoting my first two singles to European radio) I had my first CMA Fest appearances. He put on several showcases this week with noteworthy international artists.
  • It was my first time sharing a stage in the U.S. with two fantastic 'foreign' artists- SamRead more

Lyric Videos to the Rescue: Low Cost, Big Results 

"Love Shouldn't Hurt" Lyric Video
If you don't have big money to make a big budget video (like me and most other indie artists), consider lyric videos to bring your song to life!

There are essentially a couple low-cost ways to create a lyric video- DIY or hire someone at a reasonable indie musician rate.


If you're a tech person with a good eye, consider getting a program like iMovie to make your own lyric videos. Essentially you can just drop in the song as an Mp3, then make titles over photos or plain… Read more

Jennifer Batten: A Fierce Woman and Her Guitar 


Jennifer Batten and me

Jennifer Batten has played guitar for two of the biggest and most discriminating artists of all-time: Michael Jackson and Jeff Beck. In addition, she has carved out a successful solo career with a one-woman show. I was lucky enough to be front and center in Austin at the MeowCon conference where she was speaking about her career. 

In a candid interview with Beth Marlis (photo below) here’s some of the perspective and insight Jennifer shared…
Early Days